Friday, August 31, 2012

We use to spend evenings as a family in our Hot Tub...but all good things have to come to an end...Paul cut it up to take to the dump. Scott said it felt like putting down an old friend as they cut it up and hauled it off to the Dump. This good thing is our house can now be listed as Hot Tub Ready....

One of the upstairs bathroom..the whole house got painted the same color...not sure if I'm going to like it but hopefully I'll get use to it. After all it's upstairs and out of sight out of mind.

Bonus room
2nd stage to the bookcases on either side of the fireplace

So long story but we were told we couldn't get the tile we wanted so we picked a 2nd choice...after it was ordered and in we finally saw what the floor tiles for the floor in the shower were like...Wait a minute I said...stop everything. If I can't have the tile I want then I will wait until I can..even if it means not moving for another month...Miracles happen, a shipment came in of the tile we loved and now for a restocking cost of 20% we will be able to return the tile and get what we originally wanted...just one of the many lessons I've learned along the way.
Here is the master shower with the tile we wanted...the small trianle areas are waiting for the accent tile to come in
These are some of the accent tiles...each are different to give an interesting look...can't wait
Floor of shower
Close up of Master Bathroom shower...I requested that this also be done in the Powder bath but somewhere along to didn't happen...sad
Powder bath shower..notice the white shower pan...I hope I fall in love with it but...maybe it will just have to become invisible over time.

Tile for the upstairs bathroom...the vanity has a green glass surface and we did an accent of glass around the shower. It hasn't been grouted yet...but you get the idea.
Floor in the upstairs's a mousey will have brown grout.

Kitchen Cabinets
This will give you an idea of the crown molding that is being put in place, it will be painted a cream color along with all of the trim through out the house...amazing...
Ahhh garage door to love them...just think, I'll get to park my car in a garage, no more walking in from the rain...can't wait...
Dinning room trim
tile for the laundry room...which got laid yesterday...

Septic System

My Garden


Crook Neck Squash

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