Sunday, October 7, 2012

 The back of the house is one color since there is no bead board on the second level.

We agonized over the stone.  We felt like picking out the house paint color before the stone was backwards.  But it looks pretty good.

They call this arch over the garage door an eyebrow.  It looks great.
Chandler in the front entry.

The crown molding in the first floor is awesome. The wire hanging down is waiting for the in ceiling speaker.

Master bedroom accent windows above headboard.  It hasn't been paint in this picture.

The cabinets in the kitchen ar elegant.  Notice the black glaze accent on the doors and the crown molding.  Beautiful!

Almost done. Notice the back splash is in place waiting to be grouted

I know it needs to be rotated but ahhh, double ovens!

Master bathroom vanity.

Master bathroom shower

Dining room chandler

Archway into the dinning room.  There's another arched doorway around to the right

Upstairs bathroom shower.  The accent is class to tie in with the glass vantiy top.

Pumpkins from Michele's gardening experiment.  She tossed two pumpkin seeds on the ground and she got six pumpkins.

I cut down some small tress around an old rotted stump and when I got home I discovered that I had been bitten by something or by a lot of somethings.  I didn't feel anything at the time but the blisters sure hurt for about a week.  I finally couldn't take it any longer and so I poped them all to releive the pressure.  It's been almost two weeks and they are getting better quickly now.

I had three piles of logs to cut up.  this is the last of them  I log I am looking at is about 40" in diameter.  How in the world am I going to cut it up?

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