Sunday, August 19, 2012

The septic system is in but not yet covered.  I don't know what they are waiting for unless the plan is to do other excavating work at the same time.

The walls and ceilings are in and its now beginning to feel like a house.

Ah, a 4 car garage.  What more can be said?

No. The house will not be yellow. It's color is yet to be determined. The two ends and along the garage will be stone faced sometime in Oct.

Kitchen cabinets are almost in but the island is too close to the refrigerator.  It will be pushed out another 6 inches.

Trash and re-cycle drawer.

Soon to have a mantel around the fireplace with built in cabinets along each side. You might notice that the walls are painted now.  Michele freaked out for a weekend thinking the color was too dark.  She got better as the walls dried completely and became lighter.

Master bathroom floor tile.  Trust us, it will be beautiful when it is all cleaned up!

What a view!

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