Friday, August 3, 2012

We sound proofed the bonus room so we wouldn't have to hear anyone having a Theater Experience

No the house won't be Yellow...but the siding is all done later

The under side of the Patio...same underside on the front porch
So much has happened since we last posted. I will post pictures later but the siding is complete on the outside of the house. Now we just are waiting for the stonework to go up and to paint. They want us to tell them the paint colors so they can paint it soon. I just couldn't tell them what color to paint the really depends on what the stone looks like when it is completely up. So I've put them off until the stone goes up..hope the weather holds. Inside, the sheetrock is up, texture is on and last night they painted. Now let me tell you that last night when we stopped...they were just painting and it looked so dark. Really scared me....what do I do if the paint we selected is too dark. Also it was very Hickory in color...not sure how that will look in all rooms with various I'm on my way up there on my lunch to look at it in the daylight and when it's dry...hopefully it will look much lighter...if not....YEAH a painting party at the Wilcoxson's...want to come?

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