Thursday, June 14, 2012

Decisions, many Decisions
The contractors are quickly getting everything in place, the walls are in, the electrician is quickly putting in all of the switches and light cans. We've ordered doors and windows...we've decided on our front door and we are working on picking out the stone work for the garage side of the house and they two pull outs on the front of the house. We are adding some really wonderful things, we will have little lights on our stairs that are connected to a photo cell so they will automatically come on at night. The same is true with the sconces on the garage. We found an empty spot in the upstairs that we are turning into a storage area...
Yesterday the electrician discovered that they front window wasn't in the center of the room so next week they will be moving it. Trust me building a house isn't for the faint in heart..there is always some adjustment that needs to be made and it ALL costs money...

So we finally focused on bathroom is what we've decided.
Yes the counter top is GLASS...tempered glass so it has a green tint to it...I know this is really modern but Paul and I love it, felt like the upstairs could be a little more Modern that the downstairs...I think it's rather Playful
This is the powder room's vanity on the main floor...we received this yesterday and you would not believe how beautiful the top is on's a ribbon of caramel ribbons....we have a wonderful mirror that will go above this and will have oil rubbed bronze faucets. We have also bought a mini chandelier instead of lights above the mirror. It's going to be the bathroom that people are going to want to spend time in......

Master Bathroom Vanity....I think we will go with the top one...we haven't order this yet because it's currently out of stock but hopefully it will be in soon.

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