Thursday, June 7, 2012

We now have a roof on and they are finishing the Heating Ducts..we had the electrical walk through and they will soon start that. Today the fireplace insides go in and if we are lucky..sheet rock will happen in a few weeks...

Now comes the time to get serious about picking out things for the house. It is not as much fun as you would think...Every decision has to be carefully weighed and examined on how it impacts something else. Fro example...forget you like antique fixtures...if they aren't the same finish as your bathroom faucet they you shouldn't get them...unless you are willing to fork over twice the money to get rubbed bronze for your faucet, shower and toilet handle. Which I'm not so it's brushed nickel finishes for me in every bathroom...
Sconces for the garage and front door  20.5 inches tall

This is a mirror that I want...probably will use it for the dinning room..I really love it!!

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