Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So remember Paul and I met with the contractor to decide on where to place to house. We decided on the location but all weekend long it didn't feel right to me. On Monday our contractor called me and wanted to meet on the site..He said he had been thinking about where we had the house placed all weekend long..and even though they had the footings framed ready to pour he felt like we needed to move it 8ft to the East..that was funny because I thought it needed to be moved 8 ft to the South. So we agreed to move it both 8 ft to the East and 8 ft to the South. Now it feels perfect.

Framing for the footings

 Poured Footing (next step is the foundation walls)

I hope these are not my new front steps...

  Poured Footings...this is the breakfast nook.

We've looked everywhere for a fireplace front that we loved, this is important so it had to be more than just an average fireplace surround. We thought we wanted a concrete one but then I found this antique one. It was on a website showing how to refinish wood. So I drew up some plans and sent them to our cabinet maker to see if he could make us one. He feels that he can so here we go, we've found our fireplace. We will put a 70" Big Screen TV above hope is to run a PowerPoint presentation of family pictures on it when it isn't being used as a TV...sort of like electronic art.

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