Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 We have STAIRS...Yes now we can go up and down the stairs all we want. The stairs went in on Monday and when I stopped by on Tuesday that had most of the walls up on the upper floors. We've had great weather so they have been working quickly. We should have a roof on next week sometime. Paul and I are headed to Long Beach, Wa. for a must needed break and bike weekend so I won't be able to document the rest of this weeks work. I hoping to see a big difference when we get back...

Front Door
Front Entry

 The is the platform that the bonus room will be built on..
 Tuesday's work...many of the walls on the upstairs are in place...3 bedrooms, Bathroom and Bonus Room. They aren't big but then they won't get used much..

 Bonus Room Window...not sure if it's too big or too low but it's really high up here, this room sits above the 11 fr ceiling of the Great room...

 Bedroom, Bedroom windows and the accent window on the stairs

 This is the entry way...we need to find a light fixture for this area. We had one all picked out but I've decided it won't look good from above. Because you will see it when you look down to the front entry.

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