Thursday, March 22, 2012

So the journey of the Bathroom Window has it a Snag.
We finally got it laid out and started to solder...and actually finished the soldering. There is a wide green boarder that will go around the outside but we are waiting for the windows that these will sit in to be framed in. That way we will make it exactly the right size to fit. So...after the core was completely soldered, I picked it up and set it into a window to examine what the colors of the glass would look like when natural light is coming through...
Wow...what do I do now, I have 3 more to make so do I remove the Red glass and replace it or just live with the red. The glass only shines RED when natural light is coming through the during the day. In the evening and mornings it should look rust...hmmmm. Not sure what to do...any thoughts?

I also have another project going on...I'm building a wonderful bird house. I saw it at a furniture store but they wanted $300 for picture in hand Paul and I stopped at Home Depot and we have begun the journey in making far we have it all cut out and I have begun the scroll work...should have it finished this weekend...I'll let you know how it's going

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