Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HIP HIP HORRAY...yesterday Paul and I went over with Ron our contractor to establish the outline of the house and...are you ready for this? Today we will break ground. We haven't signed our papers yet but Ron doesn't want to wait any longer...

And as far as project updates....started to really like the RED in my bathroom windows so we are going forward with that...I'm cleaning up the design by drawing a grid in AutoCAD. This will help keep the lines straight. I'm looking at this window as a possible design for the Great Room, the kitchen nook and the dinning room windows. Because they are all part of an open concept I need to take the design element through out all of them. Paul and I saw this in an Antique store in Seattle..
Lastly the Bird House is coming right along..Paul has done a great job putting it all together, next step is the top tower and then the roof...Isn't it wonderful...it's really tall but that will be great with our tall ceilings...can't wait to get it finished!!!

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